Your Kiss

Your Kiss

I started to write prose about your kiss. I found myself lost in thought trying to grasp the proper words to describe kissing you and being kissed by you.

First sentence…
The way you touch your lips to mine softly…

And then my brain goes to the thoughts of kissing you…

I did not think it would be this difficult writing about your kiss.

So I’ll describe the different kisses you have and try to stay focused.

First kiss…
Soft then exploratory…a deliberate lead to draw me in and rising to a subtle passion as intensity increased. I’m on the precipice…craving more

Kiss before play…
At times forceful…gripping…foreshadowing what’s to come…can be lustful…I feel desired and wanted.

Kiss during play…
Soft at times…but forceful and strong at others showing your desire of what you want to take and claim as yours…and then you do

When I begged for a kiss in the pub…
You kissed me with such fervor…rewarding me for giving to you so freely

Kiss after play…
Passionate…doting…caring…being held by your lips…if that is a thing. I feel adored, safe, protected.

I’m so distracted now. I can’t wait to have your kiss again…in its many forms.

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