Several memories and appreciation of you. I was in Nashville last year when you first taught me how to drink whisky. I had my first Lagavulin. Since then, I’ve had more whisky than I can count. Tried a myriad of types. I remember you first telling me to take a few drops of water to release the aroma. I sip all of my whisky and I never mix it. I’m having the Oban I purchased Duty Free when we chatted. The trip back to home was exceptionally difficult for me in July. While I sip this whisky, I think of you and what you did and do for me…at the airport in tears…on the plane…you talked me down..reassured me…and have been even more so present since. You’re tied to my whisky. It’s a happy reminder of you…what I’ve learned from you…and what you do for me 💋❤️💋😘

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