Something so basic yet important as 3 atoms connected together covalently…any slight change of bonding, atom, place of electrons changes how it behaves. Water is essential for life and a metaphor for it. Oxygen pulls on electrons, Hydrogen may leave…causing Oxygen to search to fill the void. The change in these bonds can cause the molecule to now become basic or acidic..taking or giving…Hydrogen gives too much, it’s depleted and sometimes finds another Oxygen to recharge…Acid and base chemistry through water. Water gives a basic life lesson…you take too much, you lose your Hydrogen. You give too much you have to find another Oxygen. The balance comes in sharing the electrons through a solid bond…circulating between atoms. This only happens with equilibrium allowing the give and take between the atoms in equal measure. Such is life in all things…reciprocity, equilibrium, maintaining an important bond

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