Prom Night

My prom night.

When I went to the prom I was 17 years old. I went out with the boy who is a drummer in the band at the high school. Originally, I only asked about because my mother told me to do this and if he didn’t call back, she would take me to a Harry Connick Junior concert in New York City. I really wanted to go to that concert. The drummer boy called me back and said he would go. He was really cute, but I was a bit disappointed that he called me. I really wanted to go to the concert in New York.

So, the night of my prom, he picked me up in his pick up truck and drove to a restaurant. We had a nice dinner, then we went to the prom. He was a gentleman. He didn’t really dance, though. That was all right. I usually would dance by myself.

Had fun at the dance, then we went back to my house to watch a movie. The film was Sleeping with the Enemy. I had seen the film before, but I pretended to be scared at parts so I could get a little closer to him. He smiled from time to time. He didn’t take advantage. It was getting late and he decided it was time for him to head home. I walked back to his car and we kissed good night. He drove away.

I had been wearing all kinds of interesting ladies underwear that evening. I don’t quite know why my mother had me in lingerie. I had on a bustier underneath the dress in addition to suspenders and stockings. I was very tired, and took off my underwear including the stockings while I was in the kitchen. I was making me something to drink. Everyone in the house was asleep. After I got my drink, I went back to my bedroom. I completely forgot about leaving my underwear in the kitchen.

The next morning, my mother had lots of questions for me. I was horrified that she thought I might have had sex. I was incredibly shy and certainly not ready to do that with anyone at the time. After I told her what happened, she believed me. And we both had a laugh about it. She still brings it up sometimes. I thought you might find it funny.

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