One of my Top 10

One of my Top 10 Films
A tall tale?

One of my favorite films did not receive adequate recognition. Visually it is stunning. It is a narrative based on the incredible stories of a man…that seem to be tall tales. As he lies on his death bed, his son struggles to find out who his father really is. Is his father the epic myth he claims to be…with a fantastical past full of unbelievable encounters? His son feels cheated and wants to discover who his father really is. He starts a journey exploring each story’s origin to find the truth. In his travels he learns of his father’s past meeting the people of legend in his father’s tales. My last thought of the film? What I took from it? The tales whether real or exaggerated are the essence of his father and how he wished to be remembered. He never lied to his son. He gave his legacy…his story…each plot point amplified with heart and feeling. This was his father…the origins did not matter…how his father wanted to be remembered…his tales…that was what he gave his son. This is who he truly is. I cry my eyes out everytime I watch it. It’s beautiful. It’s the truth of the parent. The desire of the child to fully know their parent’s life. The bond that is secured through the memory of the parent. It is a highly underrated film and gorgeous to experience. ❤️ I hope you can guess it. Xxx

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