Church Girl

Church Girl

Every Sunday and Wednesday night, I’d go to church. I’d hear the music, the sermon, the prayers…At the end of each service before we were released, the pastor would have an “altar call”. A song would play…”Just As I Am”. Everyone would bow their heads and close their eyes. The pastor would invite people to come to the altar of prayer at the pulpit. He would lay his hands on them, and they would pray together. Sometimes others would walk to the altar and put a hand on the person who was struggling. They would pray together. Actually was a beautiful thing to see. People supporting each other. Although god isn’t real, the support of others was felt and that strength through others was interpreted as god’s love manifesting… through us. I rarely went to the front. It felt awkward having others pray for me. I did once or twice and was moved to tears by the support of others. It was always a great fear of courage to walk to the prayer altar…just a little bit of my history. Xx

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