Sleep deprived and existential

To be awake…in the verb sense means to stop sleeping…but in the adjective it is theoretical and can be existential…self aware. Being awake means the reality is not a dream world or illusion. Awake is knowing your presence in this moment…experiencing reality as it is. Being awake means perspectives of the same reality are different…but not any less real. Awake is knowing your place in the universe…your effects on others…others’ effect on you…Awake is paying attention, learning, feeling, gaining experience…Not many people in this world are awake. They live in their dream world separated from reality. They do not learn, refuse to feel, have no care of their effect on others, nor do they pay attention. Increasing your level of “awake” requires wisdom that few are willing to work for…so, for many…they will never stop sleeping.

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