Afternoon at Babalu
Random Acts of Kindness

Darnack is in town. He’s my “brother from another mother”. I’ve known him for 20+ years. He knows when I am sad. He can do little to cheer me except try to shift my focus. He went with me to lab today. The stress became overwhelming…my body started to hurt. We left lab. He offered to take me to my favorite restaurant…Babalu. We had white sangria…pork belly queso…and I had a grilled romaine Caesar salad with chicken. While there…with me entirely too emotionally fragile…2 different ladies tell me my hair is so pretty…and another compliments my Wonder Woman shirt. I didn’t cry…but thanked them for the compliments. Kindness from Darnack and strangers was absolutely lovely. It reminded me that though I was hiding my tears and wanting to curl up into a ball…others just saw me as I am…and it caused them to pause…and spend 2 seconds telling me what they liked about me. I needed this. There are good people. ❤️

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