A Deliscious Ache

A Delicious Ache

Your cock in my mouth…I’m feasting on it. You push it further into my throat. I can feel my throat swell as your cock stretches it open. I want all of you in me. My throat starts to ache a little…but a delicious ache. You’re filling me with you. I’m wet from having you in my mouth…forcing me open for you. My body tries to push you out…but I fight to keep you inside of me only giving in when I need air. I’m increasingly aroused with your cock in my mouth knowing I’m pleasuring you…allowing you to take what you want from me…I come over and over again with each squeeze of my throat on your cock. I know you feel it. I hear your sounds of pleasure. It turns me on even more…I love having your cock in me. I drip wet while your cock pushes deeper. As I sit writing this, I’m wet over thoughts of feeling you stretch me open with your cock pounding into me. How I long for you to take me, penetrating me in every possible way…stretch my throat, spread my cunt and fill me with your cock…so I can feel my orgasm squeeze you even tighter…and plunging into my bottom…entering me so I feel you in every possible way. I ache for that feeling…my cunt is wet…my bottom aches for you…and I lick my lips over the taste of your cock.When you are inside of me, I feel complete.

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