Superheroes, Villains and Their Kink Roles Part 2: Metropolis and the Man of Steel

Continuing on with this series analyzing Superheroes, Villains, and their hypothetical kink roles in various forms of media, eyes look to the bustling city of Metropolis.

Unlike many in the Avengers that reveal their identity, Superman hides his. Many in the kink community hide their identity to protect their positions in life, their family, their jobs…all because society does not welcome and/or does not understand the lifestyle. Superman is similar in that he hides to maintain some sense of “normalcy” in a world that does not understand him.

Let’s take a look at The Man of Steel:


“All those things I can do…all those powers…and I couldn’t even save him…”

Only son of Jor-El from the lost planet of Krypton. His Krypton name is Kal-El.

Has immense strength and is impenetrable to weapons from Earth. Has the ability to fly and travel at speeds that clock faster than sound. The actual speed limit of Superman is debatable. He is a superhuman that has enhanced human abilities.

Limits: Superman can not see through lead and is rendered helpless by the extraterrestrial rock know as kryptonite (from his home planet). In the presence of this rock, he weakens close to the point of death.

Raised by humans Martha and Jonathon Kent, he led a humble farmer life and was given the earth name “Clark”.

He hides his natural superhuman state and alter ego “Superman” as the humble and unmentionable Clark Kent…a news journalist at the Daily Planet. He follows orders according to society’s standards as Clark Kent and upholds the law as Superman.

It is rumored that the love of his life is Lois Lane…a strong female and another journalist at the Daily Planet.

BDSM Analysis:

Superman hides his identity to protect the ones that he loves from his enemies. The identity he chooses to represent his “human self” is Clark Kent. Clark is a very quiet and unremarkable person that discreetly does his job. He shies away from others in the office and gives the appearance of a weaker man. He takes orders from everyone including Lois Lane. As Superman, he is the most powerful superhuman on Earth. As Clark Kent, he is the weakest. He longs to be human but can not. Since this is the case, he chooses to protect humanity…the world he now loves. He serves his planet and yields to the call and whims of Lois Lane.

Superman is a submissive. He takes orders and upholds all of society’s laws. He does whatever he can to please Lois Lane. He even became human for her once in the second Donner film. He wants to please the people in his life. He requires structure and rules in order to function as Clark or Superman. He chooses to represent himself as a weaker man in need of direction through the alter ego Clark Kent. Kent is the embodiment as what he sees as human and how he wishes others to see him. He may have some dominant tendencies when overpowering criminals but only due to the fact that these criminals are going against “the rules”.

Superman tends to have a debauchery based attitude when under the influence of red kryptonite. He would likely show more kinkster-like behaviors and would likely have a bit more dominant tendencies. In small amounts, Superman may not be against “kryptonite play” seeing as he can not feel pain unless weakened. He would not likely carry a toy bag unless it contained things that Lois enjoys.

Superman does not appear to enjoy delivering pain and therefore is not a Sadist. He tries to avoid fights in order to prevent hurting others. He would be an unexpected Masochist. Since he can not feel pain, he has very little experience with it. However, since he has an incredible urge to be human and accepted as human, he may not be against delving into the aforementioned “kryptonite play” in order to experience the reality of what it means to be a human with the capability of pain.

Lois Lane

supermanlois1“You and I… could belong to each other. If you need a friend… I’m the one to fly to. If you need to be loved… here I am.”

Lois Lane is not a superhero. She has an important role in Metropolis and the life of Superman. She is a news journalist for the Daily Planet.

Has little fear in regards to her personal safety if a good story is brewing in a volatile situation. Is very confident, disregards advice/orders, and does what she wants.

Was saved by Superman as she fell out of a helicopter. She was given the first real interview with Superman.

Falls for Superman almost instantly. Is secretly adored by Clark Kent/Superman. She does not know that they are one and the same.

BDSM Analysis:

Lois Lane is a force of her own. She goes after any story that is compelling regardless of any element of danger. She does not take advice well. She will make her own decisions and come to her own conclusions. Clark offers advice regularly to her and she ignores it. She is rendered speechless around Superman often. She tends to obey him in his advice…at least temporarily. She and Superman do become intimate in the second Donner film where he becomes human for her. While Lois does swoon in Superman’s presence, ultimately she does as she pleases and Superman is willing to serve her and her needs.

Lois is a primarily a Dominant woman but would likely Switch with Superman from time to time. She is snarky and confident. She has no problem engaging in a fight if it is necessary. She will always speak her mind…sometimes without tact. She is very forward and heavily flirts with Superman. She does not worry about how her actions may be received. She goes after what she wants.

Lois’ toy bag would likely carry various forms of kryptonite for hardplay with Superman. She does run a danger when it comes to red kryptonite due to the fact that Superman’s attitude completely  changes to a debauchery state. He is not weakened by this stone so his powers would still be strong. Green kryptonite could be used to weaken Superman to allow him to feel pain. Pink kryptonite gives Superman homosexual tendencies. Other forms of kryptonite have different affects on Superman and could be used in various BDSM and sexual scenes. Lois could experiment with him carefully using each on or a combination in different ways.

Lois has not shown any enjoyment out of hurting others therefore she is not a Sadist. She also does not seem to enjoy pain and therefore not a Masochist. She has empathy for others and therefore would not be a Sadistic Dominant.

Lex Luthor:


“Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind.”

Head of Luthor Industries.

Builds weapons under contract. Also utilizes his resources to further understand the limitations of Superman.

Criminal genius. Very wealthy. Seems to have unlimited resources.

Very greedy. Hungers for power and control. Gives orders and does not take orders.

Capable of torture and mass genocide for his own purposes.

Despises Superman and has made it an life goal to destroy him.

Has a tremendous ego near to a god complex.

*Important side note: Canon varies with each Lex Luthor. Various ones have been introduced over the years.  However, the personality and nature remains the same.

BDSM Analysis:

Lex Luthor is a dominant male. He owns his own corporation and engineers weapons in order to hurt Superman. He craves power and does not take orders from anyone. He will not submit under any circumstances. He is arrogant and carries an immense amount of confidence that prevents him from submission. No one is more worthy than he. He will not yield. His obsession with Superman is not likely sexual. Luthor wants his power. It is power over others that he craves. This is his driving force.

Some story lines have him involved with Lois Lane. Whether he actually loves Lois in this story lines could be debatable. His obsession with Superman seems to be all encompassing. His relationship with Lois would likely be to seek to destroy Superman. She would be a prize to be won. She would be something he could take from the “Man of Steel”. It is unknown if Luthor is actually capable of love…

Lex Luthor has seemingly unlimited resources. He would likely have a toy bag engineered exclusively to his own tastes. He enjoys delivering pain and has no concern over the affect of his pain on others. He would likely have instruments that would deliver an extreme amount of pain and heavy restraint. He would require total submission but clearly appreciates a good fight. He would want to strip his sub/bottom of any fight. The stronger the bottom/sub, the more joy he would get from removing their power.

Luthor is a full sadist. He does not seem to enjoy pain and would likely avoid it. Experiencing pain can resemble weakness. Luthor will not allow himself to be presented as weak. However, he will unleash pain as he sees fit…and he will enjoy it.


General Zod and many of the other Superman villains exhibit sadistic and dominant behaviors similar to that of Lex Luthor. I could go into detail of each character and will likely do that in another post. Many of the villains cross over to other DC universes. I focused on the main villain of Lex Luthor and Superman’s dynamic with Lois Lane due to the importance of these individual relationships.

I plan to have a post exclusively for the women of DC…women are heavily represented in the DC universe and deserve their own post…

Also…Jimmy Olson? Total sub…think we all know that. 😉

Thanks For Reading,

Melliscious xx

Next Post? Likely XMEN or Gotham City…hmmm

2 thoughts on “Superheroes, Villains and Their Kink Roles Part 2: Metropolis and the Man of Steel

  1. Great post. You philosophize with a hammer. It’s great to see this kind of analysis for Superman & his supporting cast.

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