J and the River

Younger boys are quite appealing. They have stamina, endurance, and bend in interesting ways. Many are terribly immature. Fortunately I am currently dating a younger boy who is far more mature than the rest…but that is another story. This story is about J. He approached me on an online dating site sending me a well thought out and polite message. I thought he was attractive but nearly dismissed him due to his age. He was polite and an intellectual. I find intelligence sexy. We text each other for a few days and seemed to hit it off well. We schedule a date.

I meet him at a local bar and burger joint. I am not much of a burger person but indulge in one of their salads and have a rum and diet coke. He dives into his burger and beer. He has striking blue eyes, is a bit skinny, but later I find out he is quite strong. Turns out our birthdays are the same. We finish dinner, continue our conversation, and decide to head out to the river and watch the boats sail by.

It is a bit chilly outside. It is early October and the night is a bit cool. We snuggle into each other. He kisses me and we move in a bit closer. His hands start roaming. I am very attracted to him and allow him to proceed up my skirt. At this point, I had NEVER had sex on a first date. Things continue to progress and get rather hot…

He lays down his coat and I lie on top of it. He lies on top of me…whispers in my ear and says, “I wanna take you here.” this excited me and he removes my panties. We have sex in at least 3 positions on the side of the river lying on cobblestones. The dry grass that had now become straw breached the stones on which we coupled. The sex was intense and quite enjoyable. I knew if we were caught we were likely to be arrested. We were not far from one of the local police stations.

After we finished…

I quickly put myself back in order. He held and kissed me softly. We went to a local 24 hour diner and had a bit of breakfast. It was approximately 2 am and a weeknight at that. He went back over our evening and laughed as we slowly pulled pieces straw out of my hair. He then informed me that we entertained 2 homeless men and a couple of late night joggers gave him a “thumbs up” at one point. I was quite embarrassed by all of that. I had never had sex on a first date! I have had sex in public areas prior to that moment, but it was always a bit more discreet and without an audience!

We had good chemistry. It was fun while it lasted but he had poly relationship issues with his girlfriend and things could not progress with us. He later contacted me again saying things were different. They weren’t. He said he wanted me to be a submissive to him. We started to make plans. Come to find out, he is not poly. He is strictly casual sex which would have been fine with me had he not presented himself as otherwise. He was not honest. We do not talk now. He handled things in an immature manner. His lack of life experience was showing. I hated the way things ended, but he is using BDSM as a way to get laid…to convince girls he is an experienced Dominant when he has no clue as to what he is doing…

Bad ending…but that does not negate the fun nights we did share. We had lovely moments. I will always remember my night with J and the river…I was pulling straw out of my hair for days…and would smile…

Thank you for Reading,

Melliscious xx

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