The Accidental 3 Way from Hell…

As I journey into finding regular people to fill my life in this lifestyle, I utilize online dating sites to aid me in finding like minded individuals. I am not only looking for men but I am also curious about exploring sexual encounters with women. I was approached on an online dating site by a woman who was interested in chatting with me over drinks sometime. I am pretty new to dating women so I thought it would be fun to meet for a drink and see what transpires. After making plans twice and her having to cancel twice we finally settle on a workable night.

I arrive at the bar…She is late…

She texts me telling me that she is running behind due to her needing to put her daughter to bed. She has a boyfriend who periodically stays with her and she maintains that they are “open” in their relationship. She is bisexual and wants to continue to be involved with women but only needs her boyfriend to satiate her for her needs involving men. She finally arrives and is more than pleased with me. She has a difficult time keeping her hands off of mine. She is constantly stroking my arm and starts to play with my hair.

She says, “I’m sorry, but you are just GORGEOUS! I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you! I hope this doesn’t bother you too much.”

I meekly reply, “Thank you…Um, no…It’s ok, I guess.” I am a bit weirded out by this woman but she is cute and her enthusiasm was fun and interesting. Again, I am a total noob at this dating girls thing and had no idea what to expect.

We have drinks and a light snack. She tells me what she does for a living.  She does hair, makeup,  massage, and nails. She discusses how she would love to doll me up one night. Me, being the incredibly girly girl that I am, gets excited at the thought of having a makeover. I’m starting to think that this dating girls thing is going to be really cool! She was cute, seemed to totally dig me, and things were going well.

She then mentions that we could go back to her place and could hang out for a while. Her boyfriend is at the house and he would probably like to meet me. I give her a look. She says that there is no pressure and she just thought it would be nice to have a good chat. She also mentions that I should text her address to my husband so he does not worry. I recognize this as a sensible statement and consider this woman to be level headed and not a crazy. I agree to go back to her house. She pays the check. We head to her place.

Her house is an older home. It is quite lovely. Hardwood floors. Lovely art on the walls. Antique furniture… Her boyfriend is there. He is sitting at the dining room table drinking a beer. She introduces us. He is a Navy engineer and we begin to have a fun discussion in regards to physics. I am a bit of a science nerd and enjoy our conversation. She says she needs to shower but gets me some wine before she leaves the room and gives me a kiss. She tells us to sit a bit closer and to get comfortable. I start to get a tad suspicious…

I continue my science discussion with the engineer and we hit it off well. We have a few chuckles, discuss his designs for a device he is working on, drink a bit more wine…

She returns in a robe that is half open…

I’m thinking, “Ok, then…Well, it is her house and if she wants to parade around naked, that’s cool, I guess…”

She says that I should sit on her boyfriend’s lap and give him a kiss. I politely decline. We have a bit more wine and then she says she wants to show me something.

She takes me by the hand and brings me to her bedroom…

Within what feels like 30 seconds, she strips off my clothes and starts kissing me. I was into her. I wanted to see where things would go. I was rather impressed with her ability to strip me so quickly. This woman clearly had done this before…come to find out later, she had done lesbian porn. This woman was very much shorter than me. She managed to pick me up and toss me onto the bed like I was a ragdoll. We start making out heavily. Then her boyfriend walks into the room and starts to play music. He strips down and they both go down on me.

I start thinking, “Um…Am I having a 3 way? This got weird. But she is cute and the guy is hot. Ok. Um, I kinda wanna see where this goes.”

So they both are giving me oral sex while discussing how sweet I taste and that I must eat a lot of fruit. I don’t actually eat a lot of fruit but that’s beside the point, I suppose. She then lies beside me and starts groping and kissing me while he gives us both oral. Things are getting pretty hot and he is giving us both lots of attention.I’m thinking that this is pretty cool. I’m having fun. They are a bit weird but it’s hot.

Then things go awry…cos then the crazy shows up…(it actually had been showing up all night, I just didn’t pay attention…hind sight and all)

He goes to enter me. Before he enters, she angrily gets up out of the bed and says, “You JUST FAILED! THERE!” and storms out of the room.

I am lying naked on the bed. Her boyfriend has his cock in his hand. I am wondering what the hell just happened…

At that point they proceed to have an argument over him giving me more attention and that he had “tested her” earlier that week. I am still naked in her bedroom trying to piece together the fact that this 3 Way was some oddball, giant “loyalty test” for her boyfriend.

Was I just used? She finds me after I start getting dressed apologizing saying that it wasn’t anything that I had done. I agreed saying that OH NO, I didn’t do A THING wrong! I said that I’d be headed home to let the two of them work it out. She offered to give me some money because she felt bad. I politely declined and was a bit offended that she felt money would be necessary. She hugged and tried to kissed me after I got dressed. I quickly left the house as she said she would text me the next day.

The next day…

She does not text me but her boyfriend does saying that they have broken up and he thought we hit it off well. He wants to pursue things with me. I tell him that I think we all need time to process what happened the previous night. She had told me she had intentions of marrying this guy. I was not interested in jumping into anything with him after the events of the previous night. Also, I was considering the fact that their relationship was a serious one.

He continued to text me for a few days. I finally told him that I was not interested in pursuing anything with him and asked him to stop contacting me. At that point, he did.

Is it possible to have an accidental 3 Way? Yes. Do I recommend it? No. It could be said that this was a bit “rapey” to some extent, but I was a willing participant that never said “no”. I was curious and willing to see where things would go. It is my nature to explore new territories and try new things. I learned a lot that evening. It left me with a helluva story.

I have always liked a good story. The best kinds can be the ones that I am lucky enough to have a starring role…Albeit this one did not end well, but you only live once. I want my life to be an exceptional collection of stories…

You don’t get good stories sitting on the sidelines watching others live their lives…You get off of the stand, take the risks, and join in the game…

Thank you for Reading,

Melliscious xx

One thought on “The Accidental 3 Way from Hell…

  1. I feel that I should start a blog so I can share my exploit with that very same woman.

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